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Meeting the Unique Needs of Educational Institutions

What We Do

Red Apple Solutions is an industry expert in life and disability products for educational institutions.

As experts on school systems as a whole, we understand the importance of employee morale, engagement and retention.

We understand that teachers rely on high quality benefits at the same time educational institutions need rate stability and cost savings. To meet both those needs, we lower costs to educational institutions.

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Provide the best possible benefits at the lowest possible cost

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Red Apple Solutions provides unique aggregated underwriting capabilities and expert plan design analysis

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Red Apple Solutions stays up-to-date on education trends on local and national levels and offers significant cost savings and rate stability for educational institutions

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Reduce costs and stabilize rates by utilizing the aggregated volume of all members

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Educational employees work hard for their communities

One thing they should never have to worry about is their benefits

About Us

Educational institutions deserve experts who understand the culture and mission of schools, as well as their needs and how they operate in today’s world.

Red Apple Solutions is rooted in expertise and knowledge of the needs of educators, understanding the issues they face as they juggle changing curriculums, classroom management, and extracurricular activities, all while focusing  on their primary mission of helping students to learn and thrive.

We are dedicated to exclusively serving educational institutions. Our insurance experts teamed up with former educators and educational administrators with decades of experience in schools in order to provide the best possible benefits at the lowest possible cost.

Most importantly, we provide compassionate service and excellent benefits that give educational employees peace of mind.

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Educators serve and shape communities

We serve and protect educators


Reduce costs and stabilize rates by utilizing the aggregated volume of all members


Provide the platform for participatory educational institutions to share best practices and data

Rate stability

Aggregate rate factors, census demographics, claims management and benefit plan design to predict and lower costs


Enable enhanced communication of benefits program to employees

Operational efficiancies

Streamline processes to optimize time spent managing core HR issues

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